Improving the Home from the Inside

Improving the Home from the Inside

 Cutting Energy Costs of Air Conditioning

When you want your home to look nice, a great way to do so is to save on your air conditioning costs. Many buyers are extremely price conscious and want to have a home that will not cost them more to maintain than to buy it. A great alternative to air conditioning to cool your home is to install a whole-house fan. These structures will allow you to save yourself from using electricity on air conditioners (up to 90%!), and will give you another sales point when shopping with buyers who are interested in “green” alternatives for homes. As the price of electricity continues to skyrocket and oil becomes more expensive, “green alternatives” like solar energy will only become more and more popular. This is why you should hop on the whole-house fan while it is popular.


Another way to improve you house from the inside is to get great lighting. When you add good amounts of lighting to your home, it increases its value. Appropriate lighting in your home makes a big difference. Let us consider a few factors. A bright and well-lit room will make your home and residence feel more friendly, cheerful, and more welcome. It will make your space feel larger and cleaner, and it will give a feeling that everything is up for grabs. You will be able to tell that you have nothing to hide, and that you are in the business of giving all you can to your home.

It would probably make sense to have an electrician come and add some lights to a kitchen that is dimly lit or brighten up the family room, so it looks more attractive to potential buyers. You want to have the most amount of edges to guarantee you the best homebuyers for the best price.

Internal Landscaping

 You can hire a home internal landscaper in order to get your home rearranged from the inside out. The pros of this is that you will be able to give your house the look it needs to create value. You will be able to give your house the appearance of more space, more value, and will be able to identify what it takes to give the quality it deserves. You want potential homebuyers to see your home and think “plenty of space”, “there is lots of room”, and “I can do what I want here”. You want to make sure that your home can give a very nice and appropriate feel to people that enter your home. After all, you want to give your prospects the feeling that they can do what they want with this home. You want them to feel that they can do what they want with their future home, so giving great internal landscaping can give your prospect the state of mind that this house is the one for them. After all, what is the point of buying a house if you cannot do anything once you get inside it?



Are You Afraid to Fail?

What would you do different in your life if you knew there was no chance of failure?

Fear can stop us reaching our full potential

Would you start a business, ask that guy/girl out, leave an unhappy relationship or do you have some other random goal?

Fear of failure is one of the most debilitating of dark fantasies that has us living small, safe lives with many regrets. But let’s look at this most foul F-word.

What does failure mean to you? Loss of face or money? Shame? Yet we have all had epic fails. Jobs we’ve lost, exams we’ve flopped, relationships and friendships which didn’t last the course, investments that plummeted and things we wish we’d never said.

We’re still here and no one died. Our brainremembers too well our darkest moments and warn us of potential danger ahead. “Potential risk! Play safe!” sounds in our heads.  Instead of it being a reasonable voice which says, “So I don’t get the promotion but at least it will show I’m a valuable contributor to this team.

This is why we need to take a reality check on what our fears are doing. They catastrophize the potential for pain and shame and take us to the worse-case scenario where we then decide it’s best not to bother and feel relief in the false security of our not-so-comfortable zone.

When clients say, “What if I fail?” I say you probably will. Not because I am a coach who gets pleasure from the misfortunes of others but because it’s the truth. We all fail at some point. It’s what you do when you fail that is key to your success. Resilience, self -belief and your ability to bounce back are the key differences between a highly successful person and someone too cautious to take any chances for fear of failure.

We learn from our mistakes and grow.  It is not always the most fun picking ourselves up, but in order to be successful, we need to.

Here are a few tips if you are facing a new challenge and fear is getting in the way.

  • Ask yourself, ‘If I do fail will I survive, will I be ok, will I recover?’ And if the answer is yes, then do it.
  • If there’s a big chance you will regret not doing the thing facing you then step up and take a chance.
  • Take a reality check on your fear. Ask yourself – What is the best that can happen? –  What is the worst that can happen? Your reality will be somewhere in the middle.  As long as you can handle the best and the worst cases, you will be fine with the reality in the middle.
  • If you are worried about what people will say if something goes wrong have a contingency plan to look your detractors in the eyes and say: “At least I gave it a shot.” You really shouldn’t be too concerned about what other people think because most of the time they are jealous because they didn’t have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and see past their fears to at least try something new.
  • The only thing that separates success from failure is one last attempt.
  • If you don’t succeed the first time, try again. One of the great bonuses of facing fear and doing it anyway is that you flex your fear muscle and it gets easier each time.

Life offers us constant surprises and opens up new possibilities for stunning success.

What choice will you make today?

Here are some “coaching” questions to get you started:

  • What would have to change in your life for you to take a chance?”
  • What obstacle(s) would you have to remove to make this happen?
  • How would your life look to you if you were to step out of your “comfort zone?”
  • Why is it important to you overcome your fears now?
  • What actions are you ready to commit to?


Broken shop windows

We had another accident, well we didn’t, there was a march past our shop and it got a bit hairy and we found we had 2 windows smashed through somebody throwing  brick I think. Now glass and windows are great when they are complete and clean, but when smashed or cracked, they have to be dealt with immediately or it gets very dangerous.

Once this happened, we were actually in the shop which is good, as we could begin to deal with the problem, which was first to panic a bit as we were not sure what was going on. So once it all calmed down, we were left with 2 broken windows.

So, we contacted our local glass repair guy, our local glazier, who is fantastic and he popped round within the hour and boarded up the shop windows and went away to get the glass cut to size. This was a great relief as I was saying, it is a big issue and an emergency as glass from one of the windows was everywhere. The glazier was great, he cleaned up all the glass and boarded up as I said and we were secure.

He came back the next day and fitted the new windows in the shop, which was a great relief, relief number 2!!!

We will claim the costs from our insurance company and hope they pay u, I am sure they will. The whole broken window saga is quite stressful, but with a good local glazier, it can be resolved as most things can do in life.

end of story…

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an amazing place, I have visited visited it several times and it still amazes me. I think the first time I went to Las Vegas was by car during a three week fly drive holiday on the west coast of United States. We drove through the desert to get to Las Vegas, and there literally is nothing around it for miles and miles and when you get to the outskirts of Las Vegas is quite an incredible site to be seen.

 I have had several different visits to Las Vegas and thoroughly enjoyed all of them even though they were all very different. I have travelled there from the United States and from Canada which is a shorter trip then coming from England and therefore we only stayed for a few days. It is an amazing place. You don’t hath to be a gambler or hath to gamble any money if you do not want to but we found it was quite a lot of fun to gamble some money responsibly and to stop once you had lost your budgeted amount.

The hotels in Las Vegas are a little bit special and some are enormous to cater for the people that come to the city. One of my trips to Las Vegas was to stay with friends who lived out there and we thought they were so lucky to live in that weather in the amazing place. We were so impressed we looked at property ourselves either to live or to have as a holiday home.

 The shows but are in Las Vegas are also very good, we saw Rod Stewart perform in concert he was excellent and we also saw the Jersey boys show which also was excellent.

 I personally think Las Vegas is a fantastic place and would always go back because it is a lot of fun and there are lots of things to do.

Shabby Chic

 Shabby chic furniture, I do like the shabby chic furniture either painted by somebody else or by myself. It can turn on old piece of furniture that has had better days into a beautiful new piece of furniture that you are proud to show off and to use. It is easy to buy a piece of old furniture to turn into a shabby peace, just look at eBay and you can even find shabby chic projects but have not been finished or are ready to be a shabby chic project.

There are lots of ways of turning old furniture into new furniture with a twist or sometimes called up cycling. You can either paint it with a chalk type paint or strip the top if it is a chest of drawers or a table and paint the rest of it. If you do strip the top of the table or the Chester draws you can turn it into a beautiful piece of wood or rather restore it to its former glory which was a beautiful piece of wood and then wax it and polish it and it will look fantastic.

There are lots of sellers on eBay and other places that do great jobs with old furniture, turning them into great new pieces but show off the wood but also a painted in cool covers.

I have tried to do this myself and it has worked really well, It really is all about the preparation you put into the piece of furniture and the careful painting you do or not in some cases. But it is really worth the effort because the pieces of furniture you can create a not only unique but sometime is beautiful. And normally reasonably priced.

So what are you waiting for go and try and do this yourself, it is quite an enjoyable thing to do, there are lots of videos on the web to give you ideas of designs and even how to paint or how to strip how to wax and polish wood back to its beautiful beginnings.

Slipped disc

Ouch is all I can say, I had a prolapsed disc in my lower back,  have no idea how it happened, but it did and it hurt like hell. I was very lucky I did not need surgery, I was told 80% of slipped disc sufferers do not need surgery, so I was one of the lucky ones I guess.

I was laid up for 2 months to rest and the rest and physiotherapy helped ease the disc back into place, so I had a trapped nerve that made my right thigh numb and gave me nasty pain, I don’t think I could give birth. 🙂

One of the worst things was the drugs I was put on, I was given Tramadol, which sent me to sleep for a month, I don’t remember the whole month… And reading my iPhone later, I sent some weird messages and did very little in the way of steps..


House projects

My husband and I had finally come to a point of despair when it came to renovating our house. We have a house about 27 years old. Not much has been done in the way of updating our house for about 15 years.

The style of our house is very much dictated by the windows. They are dark wood and leaded lights. Our neighbour’s have had new windows fitted. They look great. We asked them if they would recommend their glazier to us, which they did. They also had a front door and back door fitted. These were all done in double glazed units. We did not feel the need for triple glazed as we live in the south of England.

We had our double glazing fitted with no hitches, except they had to hang the back door twice. The windows look completely different as they are leaded lights but rectangular instead of diamond shape. No more outside sills to paint! Inside they are white instead of dark brown. The rooms look so much bigger now.

Next we decided to attack the kitchen. We decided on glass splash backs. We approached the company who fitted the windows and it seems they fit glass splash backs for the kitchen as well. The kitchen was a huge job to take on. But it finally all came together and the glaziers came to fit the splash backs. We had no tiling, just glass splash backs. It looks fabulous. The glaziers did a great job. I m so proud and pleased we went for the glass splash backs.

Our bedroom needed a whole new facelift. We decided to get rid of the built in wardrobes and replace them with a more modern looking space saving unit. We again called in a glazier to do the job. The firm who fitted the windows recommended a firm to fit mirrored sliding doors for us. I was a bit dubious at first whether the look would work in the bedroom. But I need not have worried as they look fab! A team of fitters came and constructed a fabulous space saving set of wardrobes, fronted by a fabulous set of glass sliding doors.

Our house has lost its dated look now. But it was a lot of hard work, and required a few walls to be knocked down. I am glad we stayed in this house and renovated instead of moving house.


Drama Group

I am so excited about our next production at my drama group. I am chairperson of the group and have taken some time out from being on stage or working behind the scenes.

The group has gone from strength to strength in the past eighteen months. There was a time when each member would have to be on stage, be a member of the technical crew and make the tea as well.

We have enough members now that they can have a specific role to fill. So much better than when we were scrambling to get to production. I remember, fondly of course, putting fliers through letterboxes. I even used to stand outside shops accosting passers-by with a flier.

I have made costumes, searched charity shops for props. Now we have members of the group who specialise in sourcing these items quite effortlessly. We had instances where we had no stage manager and someone had to double up on sound and lighting. No more. We have someone in the group who is a lighting specialist and a regular sound person.

We have come a long way since the days when there was just a small band of maybe ten people putting a show together. Our bank balance is now healthy. We are a not for profit organisation. We give a percentage of out takings to charity, which we are very happy to do. We have invested in some blacks of our own. These are black curtains which give side wings or a back drop of black. We have bought some standing lamps which we can use when giving intimate shows sometimes without a set.

The most heartening aspect of the drama group, is that we get people coming back time after time to see our shows. We must be doing something right! It is so nice to see new faces up on stage. Sometimes I don’t know who the new members are and have to introduce myself. Fabulous!

Not everyone wants to go up on stage, but they are just as valuable whether they work back stage or they are the star of the show. It takes all sorts of people to put on a show we have one almost ready to go to production called Don’t Dress for Dinner and another in the pipeline.



Yesterday I had a great day out. Quite unexpectedly Southampton proved to be more interesting than I initially thought. My partner and I stayed the night in a Jury’s Inn hotel in Southampton. The following day we thought we would explore Southampton to see what it had to offer. Our first stop was an air museum. The museum was just tucked away, but proved to be a little gem. There were real old airplanes in the museum. You could touch them and even get into a really old passenger plane. There were collections of all sorts of things, and I realised how little I knew about the history of flying.

We then found some  fabulous new apartments, overlooking the water. Again these were tucked away from the busy town centre. We then found a great walk to have near the sea. Even though it was cold and blustery it was a great walk to do.

Later in the afternoon we passed the huge IKEA in Southampton so we decided to take a look. This was my first time in an IKEA shop, apart from a quick whiz round a Bristol store years ago.

I loved IKEA the range of products and the prices were great. The price of big house plants was amazing. They would cost about 3 times more in a garden centre. We had coffee and cake in the restaurant. The muffins were delicious. Next time we are going to try the meatballs!

I bought a leather seat for an IKEA chair that I have. We intend to go back and shop at IKEA again. This time we will bring my partner’s car which has bigger boot room and more room in the back. Then we can shop all day.

What a great day out in Southampton of all places. A pleasant surprise!